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Waseem Mahmood
It is with a saddened heart that I am watching the events in Mumbai unfold. YHN strongly condemns these attacks and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered a loss. I will not get dragged into the blame game being played out by the media in the respective countries… the fact is that innocent people have once again lost their lives at the hands of a misguided few. Whether they were from Pakistan or whether they were from India or the UK is irrelevant – what matters is that Mumbai now has hundreds of widows and orphans added to the ever growing list of those who have suffered at the hands of terrorists. The central message of YHN has never held truer than it does today, it is up to us, the people, to root these criminals out from our lands and to let them know in no uncertain terms that they and their actions are not representative of the majority. Now is the time to pull together and send a very strong message to those behind these acts that they are nothing more than murderers.

Waseem Mahmood
Representatives of YHN were in Jakarta today to participate in an event organized by The Sabili Publishing Group. Leaders of the major Muslim organizations; Muhammadiyah, Nahdhatul Ulama, Al Irsyad Al Islamiyah, Persatuan Islam, Al Wasliyah, Al Ittihadiyah, Persatuan Islam Tionhghoa Indonesia and Majalah Sabili between them representing 160 million people signed an MOU pledging their support for YHN.

The communiqué stated “On behalf of all the Islamic mass organisations in Indonesia, herewith we re-affirm that Islam is a religion of peace for the universe, rahmatan lil alamin. We respect the human rights and reject the violence in any form. Based on the statements above, we support the Yeh Hum Naheen organization in Pakistan which has promoted peace and anti violence in Pakistan. This support is also particular to Muslims all over the world in order to keep peace and prosperity.”

Present at the event at the Four Seasons hotel were members of the Indonesian Press, Diplomats and other prominent members of Indonesian society. Follow this link to find an article about Terrorism by Religion.

I am amazed at the level of support that we are receiving from other Muslims from around the world especially this response from Indonesia which has had its fair share of terrorist attacks in the past. It is only by taking ownership of the problem can we all really work to eradicate these elements from our societies.

Simi Raheal
It is a sad strange and uncertain world we live in today. There is a war in my country yet we can not call it a war because it is supposedly from with in, our geographical position is the focal point of invasion yet we want to continue believing the insurgency is actually there to help us. Few years ago in the land of the free Individuals were trained to come home to our borders and clean up the red mess. Guess what happened? Yes, we all know what happened. The very same thing happened when Dr Frankenstein wanted to play god and instead of creating a being he could control he created a monster. That’s an old story but we are dealing with the monster who now is equipped with arms and ammunition and devoid of humanity. Terror is the new control drug spreading like disease.

Clearly tactics, techniques practices, strategies and theories are not as effective in countering this monster called terrorism ever wonder why?

In today’s world we have hybrids genetically engineered in labs across the world the terrorists are the hybrids created from freedom fighters. Freedom fighters truly believed in their cause and were not for sale. These terrorists today are mercenaries for sale going on a killing rampage for money. Islam is their excuse. If they truly were Muslims they would know that according to Islam killing one single person is the same as annihilating humanity.  In all our efforts to play god we created this demon called terrorism. We allowed it to be manufactured, we encouraged the nurturing and we presumed we could control it! Guess what? We were so very wrong? So what do we do now? This is a serious question with no clear answer. We could actually have an answer if ALL of us really wanted one. There are too many agencies too many spy verses spy games too many vested interests especially of the world across the pond. They play a game send in the monster, create chaos and then invade under the pretense of saving the nation in distress, and of coarse then stay there till the resources of that nation are drained and colonization complete. This terror has its roots not in the east but in the west. This monster prays on weak poverty stricken uneducated individuals the monster is very clever he puts a gun in their powerless hand food in their starving belly and cash in their empty pockets and tells them he knows the way to heaven, the poor illiterate souls then belong to him till death. Counter that!

I cannot standby and watch my world go up in a blast, I will not be silent and wait for annihilation. I want my children to have a world like I had to grow up in. I could not wait for someone to do something. As a celebrity I could raise a voice against the horror that is terroris and so I did!! YEH HUM NAHEIN!!! We are not the terrorists we are the effected, we are the ones who are between a rock and a hard place exactly. We are being bombed our lives are insecure and WE are condemned for terrorism.AH! That’s rich that truly is. To each individual with a conscience I say,’donot wait for someone else to raise a voice take action or admit responsibility DO IT YOURSELF DO IT NOW! Save the world for your children and Say No to Terrorism.

I am so very proud to be part of this anti-terrorism campaign called YEH HUM NAHEIN. And all the individuals who give their time and volunteer resources are the truly brave ones the leaders of peace campaigns. It took the initiative of a Pakistani abroad to initiate this movement while we in Pakistan waited for a messiah. Or obliviously partied away our lives.

YHN TEAM Thank you for giving us that nudge we were waiting for. It is up to us how we take this forward. JAGO JAGO IS SAY PEHLAY KE ABDI LA’MEHDOOD ANDHAIRA HAMAIN GHAIR LAY.


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