– What is the Foundation?

The Yeh Hum Naheen Foundation is a Karachi based non-profit organization that was established under the Societies Act of Pakistan in October 2007.

The objective of the Yeh Hum Naheen foundation is to build on the essence of Islam as a faith that promotes tolerance, peace and harmony removing prejudices within the community and amongst non-Muslims around the world.

– How is it funded?

Activities of the Foundation are funded by means of grants from public authorities, from income of broadcasting activities (including distribution of programmes) as well as from gifts, legacies or donations from Associations, organizations, institutions, private individuals, etc.

Funding is received on a project to project basis. The song and accompanying video were funded personally by the Chairman. The petition is funded by a number of donors including several Pakistani businessmen around the world. The Foundation also acknowledges a generous grant from the Sabhili Foundation, a consortium of Muslim businessmen based in Indonesia for the project.

– How can I get involved?

The primary way in which people can be involved with the Foundation is by spreading the message of the Foundation, firstly to family and friends and then to one’s neighbors, workplaces schools and colleges. The Foundation’s primary objective is to give a voice to the nameless millions of Pakistanis and Muslims who condemn terrorism and provide a forum for them to put forward their feelings.

We have to acknowledge that these acts are carried out by people who are from within us and it is our duty to send a strong message that what they do, they do neither in our name or that of our religion.

People can be actively involved by participating in the forums and sending ideas to the Foundation for future activities at info@yehhumnaheen.org.

– Where and when did YHN begin?

YHN began with the song which was launched in Pakistan in February 2007. What started as a simple song fast went on to became an anthem and then an unprecedented anti terrorism movement.

The inspiration for the song came from the children of the Chairman who were tired at the way a minority of misguided young people were vehemently putting forward a message of radicalization and terrorism which was at odds with what the majority of Muslims believe. It was time to re-address the imbalance, and thus the idea of YHN was born.

– Who supports the YHN?

The Foundation enjoys the support of everyone from world icons such as Muhammad Ali to the nameless masses who have taken the message to heart and turned “Yeh hum naheen” – “This is not us” into a rallying cry for moderate peace loving Muslims around the the World.

– Is YHN a charity?

No YHN is not a charity, it is a society incorporated under the Societies Act of Pakistan.

– Whose idea was YHN?

YHN was the brainchild of UK based author and media consultant, Waseem Mahmood who took inspiration for the project from his children, Khurrum and Khaiyyam.


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