The song and movement has attracted extraordinary response from people around the world. Below is a selection of some of the comments received. If you would like to add a comment please write to

  • “Muhammad prays that the “Yeh Hum Naheen” Foundation will be successful in bridging the gap between the West and Islam.” Kim Vidt – Personal Assistant to Muhammad Ali
  • “Something positive the Pakistanis r doing. A nice not in your face telling everyone that as true muslims we do not tolerate any form of terrorism nor do we class such people as humans let alone followers of islam.” Monogirl72baby
  • “This is really a great initiative to show rest of the world that ‘Yeh Hum Naheen’ . I am truly inspired by your initiative and would like to contribute in letting people around us understand that we are also peace loving people.” ashoo Jhurley
  • “Terrorists do not represent Islam, even if they claim to. Followers of Islam – the Muslims of the world – are NORMAL PEOPLE, they aren’t the unruly barbarians shown in the mass media. Watch the video: our girls go to school, our children study, our youth has passions, talents and goals. We live our lives just the way everyone else does…The synonymity of TERRORISM with ISLAM: this is not us.” Shayaannadeem
  • “This is such a wicked song 😀 LOVE IT 😀 and such a true representations of the rest of the muslim world who actually believe that what ever these terrorists are doing is WRONG” Coolalac
  • “We will know Love only when we are able to find forgiveness within ourselves. “This is not us” reminds us that what we see on the outside is what we wage against ourselves on the inside …This IS us but we become Loving only because we overcome our inner differences to learn to live together. This is a really touching video thank you.” Sooshy, Pinksooshy
  • “This song will be the symbol of muslims against terrorism…
  • It’s a greatful thing to understood by the “tolerant” world…
  • The story that being spread in our names is a lie…” Raphsody1
  • “And here its about BEING A PEACFUL AND TOLERANT PAKISTANI!! WAKE UP PAKISTAN! Its time to stand up and stand up for a peaceful country. To fight poverty and illiteracy. I want a country where a muslim brother loves his christian brother, where hindus, muslims and sikhs and parsis are treated equally. And thats surely is also a essential message of Islam.” Kashmiri85
  • “A brilliant idea… nice lyrics, excellent music. It was great to hear and see Pakistan’s top singers get together and put out a remarkable, historic song and video that will be remembered and sang for a very long time. Hats off to that Pakistani crew. Good job!” Jaythomas99
  • “The video is beautiful–I enjoyed watching it so much. Thank you for posting it, Inshallah Allah will reward you for revealing the truth about Islam in these hard times. I am Turkish, so I cannot speak Arabic or Urdu, but I love this video all the same. Its message is all that matters.” TwinnarutoRPG
  • “Music is the true international language that unites us all as brothers under one sun….Well done to you and your crew. “Yeh Hum Naheen” will go down in history as the first ‘reach out’ from Moslems to the whole world.” Michael D. St.Clair
  • “I am a Muslim Kurd from Iraqi Kurdistan. I just wanted to salute you for your work. Keep it up…” Banaz
  • “Even though i would strictly say no to music as well & even though its for a good cause but we all know westerners do terrible things for the name of good cause like naked calenders etc but that doesnt make it right in islam! first and foremost we should all get the message that LIFE IS IMPORTANT. when we kill someone, we should realise the impact on them, their family and impact on ourselves..” Shez azr
  • “Just want to say keep up the good work! This is what the world needs now. I`ve been waiting for an initiative like this” Helen Flaten, Norway
  • . “One of the weapons we Pakistani have “THIS VIDEO” that we are trying to say that Pakistani are not even near by to those voilences and terrorism by practice or even by theory .. just we try our best to tell Human WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS AND WE ARE NOT PRODUCING TERRORISTS NOR TERRORISM OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT BY MISS JUDGING.. THE PEOPLE THAT THEY ANY HOW ATTACH TO THE TERRORISM OR TERROR ACTIVITIES BELIEVE ME … THEY ARE NOT PAKISTANI NOT EVEN MUSLIMS…” Westlife76
  • “Yup every wording is true so Jugde 1 billion people (Muslims) of this world by the action of few thugs and killers. But most important we muslim now have to get out there and start changing the mind set and show the world by our deeds and action that what a progressive and peace loving people we are.” Usman03uk, a proud Muslim
  • “If you don’t use your voice, then you’re giving your consent. This video gives Islam a more human face. Islam is not terrorism. Non-Muslims want to believe that, so we need to hear it from Muslims. No deep hatred is going to change overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction.” Lilorchid82
  • “Man I love this it’s so true and brings our voices out to be heard. Brilliant!” Versatile2
  • “Just when I think I might not make it through this all, this great song, this warm and sweet gesture, comes across the thousands of miles to help salve the wounds. Thank you…Guess what this means. It means the good guys — everyone who isn’t a terrorist — are WINNING. And the bad guys — the terrorists, you know who you are — are LOSING. As it should be!” Alexakim
  • “Thank you, thank you so much for bringing the spirit of ‘Yeh Hum Naheen’ out into the world!” Edith Brands, a Dutch citizen who read about you for the first time, this morning in the newspaper.
  • “As a muslim, Pakistani female living in North America, it makes me so very proud to support your foundation, I never stopped believing in the goodness of my people and of all people regardless of our differences on the surface, we are not that different at the core. I’m with you 1,000,000 %!  It’s more than I can even describe, this feeling of knowing there are others, from my nation, my faith that are doing more to represent us in a truer light, true to who we are as a people. Allah bless you and yours!” Sonia Khan, Chicago, IL, USA (originally from B.C., Canada)
  • “Just wanted to say the song was theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee best. The foundation is i hope also awesome. I wanted to ask that how can ordinary people help u?
  • P.S. We just lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved the song.” Allah Hafiz and Bakhtawar Aslam.
  • “Thanks brother for a excellent site and song (, may God reward all those who were involved.” Z.Singh
  • “I just want to re-iterate my thanks to you for putting together such a wonderful song.   I haven’t stopped playing this song. I can tell you my father and mother who are in the their late 60s feel the same way, even my 1 and half year old son is trying to say “yeh hum naheen”.
  • You’ve put together a great list of artists here, with such simple but very emotional lyrics that within a space of a few minutes, tell people who we are and how much its hurts to be labeled in this way.  I couldn’t help but see myself and my family in all the various depictions, in the schools, the ruck shah driver, the waiter, the elderly gentle men motioning with both his hands saying “This Is Not Us” reminded me of my Dad.” Imran Siddique
  • “Beautiful ensemble of one the most beautiful young voices of the East. And the message is clear, we are all human beings and strive every day for peace. Very well performed. May the world listen to this compassionate message of peace by humble artists. Thanks for posting this. All races MUST strive for PEACE, UNIVERSAL LOVE, and NO WAR. We are protectors of the earth, not destroyers, human beings please be what you were meant to be- HUMAN!” Ruhaatish1
  • “I have bookmarked this video, and if someone ever tells me there aren’t any Muslims who can live in the world without making enemies of the rest of the world, I’ll point them this way. Thank you.” Rickbert62
  • “This is very refreshing. These are very brave souls who put this video/song together for they surely know they are now marked for death by the terrorist thugs. That being said, it is only a first step. This message needs to spread across the globe.” Skydawg555
  • “The melody is lovely and if the majority stands behind the meaning of their lyrics, perhaps there is hope for everyone to live in peace.” Phantombucketmouse
  • “I weep in empathy with these good folk, who so clearly show their anguish at what the terrorists do in their name.” Patientfaith
  • “I can only hope and pray that this song gets international viewing. Yeah it’s sappy – along the lines of John Lennon’s “we are the world” stuff – but HEY it’s a START to see these young Pakistani’s willing to put THEIR NAMES AND FACES to what can be viewed around the world as a repudiation of Al’Qaida’s view of radical Islam.” Peskemon
  • “This should also serve as a message to the western world as well. Muslims saying “This is not us” to try to stop terrorism should remind us that most Muslims are innocent.” Ndchriste


I just see your advertisement on the newspaper and filled my signature in the web site. I appreciate this effort from you is very good. May ALLAH bless you more for these kind of effort beneficial for humanity and especially for Pakistan.

If I can help you in any way to participate in your mission directly or indirectly then it will be my pleasure to work.

Faheem Janjua

Respected Sir,
Asslam Allikum Sir,i m Rizwan ul Haq Mirza, i visit urs site now this is very great achivemnet for condemn Terrorism.
Sir, i want membership this organization Yeh Hum Naheem.
tell me please what can i do for this

Thanking you

Yours Truly
Rizwan Ul Haq Mirza

Sir salaam

my name is syed adil hussain i m live in malir Karachi working in commodities exchange as manager accounts and settlements

i m fad up with the current situation of my country and my loving city Karachi in this regard when i saw the add in daily jang i submit my vote and write that mail for giving my services in the support of this compaine i have so many ideas and ability to improve thought of my people against terrorism so kindly give me a chance to do something for my country my world and my people

Syed Adil Hussain

How are you Mr. Waseem. I am Rizwan Babar from Dublin, Ireland. I was checking when i saw your ad of anti terrorism “Yeh Hum Naheen”. Nice to come to know that you guys have taken the responsibilty on your shoulders to aware the nation. I am really proud of your compgain and please do not give up. it is very important for the sake of our future.

Inshallah every Pakistani will say “Yeh Hum Neheen.

Congs to your whol team for your excellent work.

Rizwan Babar

Dear Mr. Wasim

I came across this interesting idea of condemning the terrorism and bringing an awareness among the Pakistani masses about the terrorism and making them to stand up against it. I just loved it. I cast my vote on the website but as soon as I came on the website my first feeling was that this website is addressing Pakistani public in general , so why is it not in URDU . I know you can toggle it on the to Urdu from English and vice-versa but I think it would be far more effective and appealing if its primary language was urdu firstly and then one could change it around to English as per one’s choice and ease of reading. Although I am from UK but that’s how I feel about the website and I felt like sharing my honest and sincere thoughts about it. Rest is just brilliant … It’s a brilliant concept and InshAllah it will bring its  output very soon.

Tariq Amin

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