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Radio Canada
The Guardian
The Guardian
Radio Australia
Washington Post
Times of India
The Guardian
The National
The Independent
This Is London
CBC in Canada
Waseem Mahmood on Islamophonic
Song For A Cause
Joining hands for a cause, our musicians say no to terrorism in a song called ‘Yeh hum naheen’ featuring big-gun musicians InStep (TheNews)
High On Life
Haroon Rashid is back with his third studio album, Haroon Ka Nasha after a hiatus of 5 years
By Shahzeb Shaikh
Giving Peace A Chance
‘Yeh Hum Naheen’ is the latest addition to life affirming music anthems
By Sonya Rehman
Dutch TV Interview
By Janny Groen and Annieke Kranenberg
English transcription of interview
BBC Asian Network – Sonia Deol
Also check out a radio interview with the sons of Waseem Mahmood, the inspiration behind the powerful Yeh Hum Naheen concept.

» Listen here.

BBC World Interview Waseem & Haroon
BBC World show, The Beat interview Waseem Mahmood and Yeh Hum Naheen featured artist Haroon on the popular show The Beat.

» Listen to the Podcast here.
YHN in The Post Chronicle!
The Post Chronicle does a piece about Yeh Hum Naheen and Waseem Mahmood.
UK newspaper
Time Magazine
Check out Time Magazine for their feature on Yeh Hum Naheen:,8599,1645580,00.html
Norway’s newspaper with Waseem
Hungarian Television Network TV2
Hungarian Television Network TV2 have some exclusive behind the scenes footage of making the video Yeh Hum Naheen.
Radio Netherlands
Radio Netherlands interview Waseem click on the link to listen Radio Netherlands Interview
Haroon on BBC Hardtalk
Waseem Mahmood on BBC World Service.
Watch out the exclusive video of Waseem Mahmood on BBC World Service
Times Of India: Editorial Feature
The Guardian,,2137552,00.html
Fox News,2933,292567,00.html

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