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  15th January 2nd August
– Ummat – Amn
– Nazim
14th January
– Islam 1st August
– Pakistan
11th January
– Asap
– Pakistan
31st July
10th January
– Naya Dor
– Azkar
– Azkar 30th July
– Financial-Daily – Qaiadat
– Millan – Nazim
– Asr-e-no
4th January
– Nawa-e-Waqt 29th July
– Karnama
3rd December 2008 – Kainaat
– Awami Awaz – Duniya
– Daily Times
– Eagle 28th July
– Express – Nawa-e-Waqt
– Ummat – Ausaf
– Ummat – Jang
– Eagle Fight
  – Naya Daur

Newsletter about Solutions to Terrorism Worldwide

Say NO to Terrorism!

Terrorism is the worst evil of 21 century. Because of it, people get hurt every day and whole countries are getting destroyed. yehhumnaheen.org is a webiste that brings you content about human rights and terrorism. You can read all about different ways to prevent terrorism and raise awareness about all the international terrorism events. Stay tune on Yeh Hum Naheen (YHM) and support the countries affected by terrorism.