The Yeh Hum Naheen Foundation (YHM) is a Pakistan based non-profit organization that was established under the Societies Act of Pakistan in October 2007, with the following key aims:

  • To reinforce the point that Islam is a peaceful faith that promotes tolerance and harmony.
  • To develop an awareness among people regarding the issues of the growing radicalization of Pakistani youth. If you want to help those who need it, but you don’t have enough means, we recommend you to have a look at casinosenlignefrance.org, and get an opportunity to win big amounts of real money, and donate it to people affected by terrorism.
  • To promote better understanding and co-existence of Muslims around the world among non-Muslim communities.
  • To convey that the majority of Muslims do not support the rise in terrorism, and to deny Muslims the opportunity for involvement in terrorist activities.
  • To show the positive impact of Pakistan and Muslims around the world, and remove the distance between east and west through media education.
  • To develop ways to prevent terrorism.
  • To raise awareness for the international terrorism events and help countries affected by terrorism.

Activities of the The Yeh Hum Naheen Foundation (YHM) shall be funded by means of grants from public authorities, from income of broadcasting activities (including distribution of programmes) as well as from gifts, legacies or donations from Associations, organizations, institutions, private individuals, etc. Follow yehhumnaheen.org and keep updated about the best solutions to stop terrorism worldwide. We would like to especially thank one online gambling establishment that has been a great supporter of this program. This online casino is the perfect online place to search for the most exciting games that you can play for free thanks to the Lucky Creek casino bonus codes they offer every visitor.

Newsletter about Solutions to Terrorism Worldwide

Say NO to Terrorism!

Terrorism is the worst evil of 21 century. Because of it, people get hurt every day and whole countries are getting destroyed. yehhumnaheen.org is a webiste that brings you content about human rights and terrorism. You can read all about different ways to prevent terrorism and raise awareness about all the international terrorism events. Stay tune on Yeh Hum Naheen (YHM) and support the countries affected by terrorism.

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